Monday, 16 March 2015

The Whole Make-up collection. Lips.

So hi...

Recently I've been thinking about doing a short series showing off a different section of my whole make-up collection and well... here we are. I thought i would start off with lips as it's probably what I have the most of. My collection isn't really that big, hoping to expand it a lot more and test out a load of new products, especially base products. Anyway to the lips collection

 As you can see I have 2 storage thingys for my lip products, my favourites get displayed in this stand I bought of ebay ages ago and it has 24 slots, All the others that didn't quite make the cut go into a make-up bag that sits under my sink in my room, I still use these one but they aren't the ones i want to grab on a daily basis.
 So here comes the fun bit, I'm going to list out each lip product starting from the back row left to right.
Back Row:
PS beauty Lip crayon in nude// Tanya /Burr 'Vampire kiss'// Apocolips 'Meteoric matte' //
Apocolips 'Across the universe'// MUA Luxe  'Funk'// Rimmel Lipstick Lock.
3rd Row:
MUA Matte 'Peachy keen'// MUA Matte 'Scarlet Siren'// MUA Matte 'Wild Berry'//
Makeup Revolution '100% Vamp'//Ps Beauty in Red// Nivea pearly shine.
2nd Row:
MUA 'Shade 11'// Rimmel Moisture Renew 'As You Want Victoria'//BC 'Poison'// MUA 'Shade 3'//
Essence 10 'Cotton candy'// Maybelline 'Hazelnut Sauce'.
Front Row:
Rimmel Kate Moss '107'// Rimmel Moisture Renew 'Dark Night Waterl-oops!'//
Collection 'Vintage Rose'// MUA 'Shade 13'// MUA 'Shade 1'// Miss Sporty '051 Bubble Gum'

Phew that was a lot, these are my favourite shades. I seem do like MUA and Rimmel a lot.

 Next are the few things in my lipstick bag. First in these pockets are two Ps. Beauty Crayons in Red. In the middle in a S&G Extreme-Plump lipgloss. and in the final pockets are two MUA lip liners in 'Red Drama' and 'Brooding plum'
 next are the odd lip sticks and such. For ease I'm going to list these out.
MUA 'Shade 6'// BC 'Vixen'//  MUA 'Shade 4'//
Makeup Revolution Scandalous collection.
'Felony'// 'Crime'// 'Immoral'// 'Vice'// 'Depraved'
And finally the more pen looking products and a backup of Kate Moss '107' cause it's my fav.
One more little list. From the top.
Nars lip pencil 'Majella'// Apocolips 'Galaxy'// Maybelline 'Crimson Crystal'// Apocolips 'Luna'.

And thats it, as I said for someone who blogs about this stuff my Collection isn't all that big!
Next friday I'll be showing off my eye-shadows, palette's and all.
How big is your lip product collection? What's your favourites?
Answer below!

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Much love guys!

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