Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Monthly Round up: Feb

So hi....

February has been a pretty good month. It marked the 'proper' start of uni lectures and seminars again and it ends with a visit to Paris. My Best friend and Cousin Jordine also visited me in Brum for  weekend and I also got to go home for a week and catch up with friends. It was a rather happy and eventful month. With the last two months being so good 2015 is looking rather pleasant. though IT's  been a good month, I lack photographic proof but forgive.

Me and Amber after pub grub// Jordine in Brum// Pranking Joshes room childishly//
valentines snapchat// ottd//classical been drinking selfies.

How was your month? any big events happen for you?
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Much love guys!

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