Saturday, 28 February 2015

Fab £5 Shoes

So Hi...
Now I think most people that don't like to pay £20 odd quid on one item of clothing has heard of the load of £5 stores that there are around, with the store being rather well known. I am quite a fan of these sites, ain't got no time for that expensive life. Along with clothes, most £5 stores/sites do a small collection of shoes, though personally I find that the collection is usually kinda tacky looking. However! I found and order these two pairs of high heels that are absolutely gorgeous. My flatmates were full of jealousy and shock when I told them the price.

The first pair are these beautiful sparkly heels with a gorgeous gold trim! They don't look cheap in person and fit really well, can't complain at all.

The second pair are ankle boot heels and are pretty simplistic in design but still amazing looking for £5.

And yeah, that's my show and tell for the day. I have been checking the site every now and again and do have my eyes on a few other pairs of shoes, maybe I'll get some more as an Easter present to myself.
Have you found any decent shoes on £5 sites?
Let me know in the comments section below!

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