Tuesday, 10 March 2015

And We're off to the Races. #ColourMeMarch

So hi...

Bit of an out of the usual schedule post today, aren't you guys lucky. and anyone noticed the title? It made me think of Lana Del Ray's song 'Off to the races' very post appropriate.

Anyway I was recently asked to take part in the #ColourMeMarch Campaign as apart of the Cheltenham Races Ladies day this Wednesday!
You may have guessed from the colour part but it's an event that celebrates colour and style, though of course you would still want to look classy and appropriate for the races. It's a very fancy and gorgeous event with classy style all over the place, which seemed much more fashionable than little ol' me is capable of... however I was asked to create a colourful but appropriate look which would be wearable to the races. So I thought I better get my fashion on and see what I could do.

Now colour is now something I wear often, not due to me disliking colour but I'm one of those people that worry often about wearing things too colourful, I mean black looks slim, and boy do I need slim. But when thinking about this I thought about my wardrobe and worked out a few outfits.
As I'm indecisive I decided to show off 2-3 different outfits.

The first outfit choice was created by the idea that one colour my wardrobe is full of is red. I'm often told red is one colour that suits me and as such often get bought it, red shoes red lipstick red clothes, I have it all. so why not mash it together into a redtastic outfit one come wear watching the races?

I chose my staple piece of my bright red skirt and old faithful prom shoes ( red stilettos, I was a brave child apparently) and went from there. I decided on a plain black ( hear me out) vest top and then a navy and cream block shirt over the top unbuttoned and tucked in along with the vest top. This was because I'm a comfort kinda girl, I like to look good and feel comfortable, with this in mind I always find keeping my shirts buttoned up distracts me for the whole day, are the buttons all come up correctly does it sit right etc etc. I always thought to layer and use the shirt almost like a jacket, rather than cover the colourful red skirt up in my tie up black coat.

 However if necessary I thought to add a scarf, recently bought from Paris to the coat in order to keep the colour there and keep myself warm also, This is also a cover up I would be able to do few all the outfits I've chosen. And That's outfit number one for you. Do you think I look good enough for the Races? I think I'm not too shabby!

The second outfit choice is probably my favourite. The center piece and you may have guessed is this gorgeous mint green midi skirt which was only a few pound from Primark, I love the floral patterns on it. I paired with the trusty black vest top and my Select floral kimono and a gold and cream flower statement necklace from ebay. Bag-wise I went for yet another satchel, ( what can I say to me they spell bag class) this one is a gorgeous big black satchel with a cute colourful tartan print of the front, just to add that extra oomph of colour. Overall I love how adult and classy the midi skirt looks and with some chunky boots and high pony tail I felt I brought a little bit of my style to the races.

The Third and Final outfit is for the hopeful ones wishing of sun. Sunnys and all this was the outfit I would chose if I was super hopeful for the Sun's graceful appearance while at the races. this pretty little number is a playsuit I picked up from clothesminded.co.uk and while it's base colour is black it's pattern brings out subtle colour. I wore some pointed heels with a frill trim at the front and a simple monochrome shoulder bag from new look, I also wore cat eye sunglasses in preparation!

And those are my #ColourMeMarch outfit choices for the Cheltenham Races Ladies day. Not the fanciest outfits and I have no big hats to wear on my head but with what I have as a student but I am happy with these outfits.

What sort of colourful outfits would you wear to the Races?
Feel free to answer in the comments section below!

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