Friday, 13 February 2015

The Perfect Lip I could never find.

So hi...

If you've read my blog for probably a few months you may notice I am a completely sucker for a red lip. But I've been wanting the perfect berry lip for about 2 years now? but I just could never find it. The closest one I had previously was the Kate moss 107 Rimmel lipstick, which although absolutely gorgeous, just wasn't the right berry colour I had in my mind. I'm pretty sure over the years I've swatched and swatched, to be constantly disappointed with lipsticks that didn't match their perfect looking colour of the bullet.

 HOWEVER, finally after a half hour wander and a hand full of colours with my mum, I found what I had been looking for. The perfect colour comes from the Rimmel Moisture renew range in the shade 380, called ' dark night waterl-oops!'
It's such a gorgeous shade, with much for purple berry tones rather than red tones, It's now up their as one of my top lipsticks, plus it's such a good winter bold lip, it makes me happy.

What lipstick have you found to be that ideal colour you've been searching for?

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