Saturday, 21 February 2015

Talents I want to have by the end of 2015

So hi....

I may have mentioned this before but along with the habits I want to make post, along with that there are three or four skills/ talents that I really want to learn and say I have as a talent by the end of 2015. They aren't super amazing skills, just rather simplistic ones.

-Play The Guitar.
-Read Sheet Music Fluently.
-Learn Basic Sewing.
-Relearn The Piano. Let myself go with this one, hardly remember pieces i used to play constantly, pretty saddening.
-Basic Coding. I used to be quite a computer whizz during high school and could work out how to use most programs but I've gotten seriously lazy and It's no good.
-Design and Bloggy stuff. Kinda links with the coding but I wanna be able to completely design my own blog layout and banner etc.
Landscape & life observation drawing. I can draw already but I draw in a manga style, I'd love to increase my abilities n drawing and be able to draw anything I liked, with only imagination to stop me, that would be awesome.

I know some of these aren't exactly 'skills' or proper talents rather than simple goals, but these are what I'd like to be able to do by the end of the year. I think my aim is t have learnt at least half the things off this list, if not all. I do realize however that these all require constant practice and time which may limit how many I could get done.

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