Friday, 12 December 2014

Black Friday Buys.

So Hi...

You may have noticed that black Friday is suddenly a very big deal in the UK now, with a ton of non america brands jumping on the discount and offer band wagon. Not that I mind too much, though honestly I don't mind the excuse to look around for some deals.
I was in Birmingham city centre to head to TheBodyShop event and had a little look around, I only got 3 things though so I didn't wanna call this a haul.

First 2 things I picked up were from primark, they weren't really in the sale but they didn't cost too much to begin with so it's fine!
The gorgeous midi-skirt was only £8 and I absolutely love the colours as well the pattern, It's not too much.
Then I found these boots, How perfect are they???? I want so many of the boots in primary but these were the best ones I found for £22. I can't wait to buy a load more after christmas. Maybe I'll do a boots haul?

Lastly was the set I got at thebodyshop, due to the 50% off deal we got it was only £13. So far I've been loving them, but I'll say more in a future post my full opinions.

We'll talk soon lovelies!

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