Thursday, 2 October 2014

10 Things that Cheer me up.

So hi..

This is just a little post. I just thought it would be nice to make a little list of the things that make me happy and the things that cheer me up. Not in order of anything, just a small list

1. Reading Manga/A Book - I'm addicted to manga, I also used to do a ridiculous amount of reading books as a child, but a well written or drawn book or manga get me so happy, I'm one of those people that flail around in their chairs over plot-twists and a good scene, yep, that's me.

2. Baking/Cooking - I have to say, for the fact that baking usually means some brownie cookie related goodness, I'm a tiny bit fonder of baking but cooking a good meal from scratch is also just so satisfying, and then you get to eat it! 10/10

3. My Blog/Blogging - I really do enjoy write my blog, I quite enjoy writing in general most of the time, it's relaxing and distracts you from worries, or it does for me personal, I really enjoy reading about peoples lives and opinions and writing about my own, it's just something that makes me feel really peaceful and connected to people.

4. Late night drives with friends. - A lot of Summer was spend with friends driving, And it was so refreshing and made me so happy as we drove along dark empty roads shouting out embarrassing songs and just enjoying life.

5. Music - Music can bring out all emotional in me, but even if it's a song that makes me sad, angry or any other emotion it's just so different than feeling sadness due to life, music is just something that always makes me happy and I just can't explain why.

6. Youtube - I suppose you could say Tv shows as well near but as I spend  a lot more time watching youtube videos personally, I out that, I'm finding recently that vlogs specifically are just really interesting for me, I don't know why but I love seeing snippets of peoples lives, I love Funforlouis videos the most, they are just so uplifting and inspiring

7. Scented Candles - It feels so homely and warming when you go into a room and it smells of some of your favourite scents, Yankee candles are the best one's I've found that burn scented, My favourite is Fireside Treats! I'm gutted my halls don't allow candles.

8. My Cat Fluffy - Words cannot describe how much I love my cat, sh'es been in my life as long as I've remembered and I am not looking forward to uni being without her, Having her to cuddle when I'm sad or just feeling a bit meh has always cheered me up, she's so cute.

9. Dark Bold Lipsticks - Lipstick is definitely what I think makes a look, I really love it, but most of all I love dark colours, Red is my favourite as it's just classic and I feel like there's always a shade of red for someone, but dark reds, berrys, purples, I just love, and It's perfect for the autumn/winter season, yay.

10. Good Food ( Meals Out) - Now not to say that you can't have good homemade food because damn homemade Roasts are amazing, but there is just something a little special about having a meal out and when the food is good it's just such a good experience! I've had surprisingly a lot of meals out during August and September and all of them have left me pleasantly surprised! So It's been a very happy time for me when it comes to food... Though I've definitely been eating a little too much.. opps.

And that's that, 10 things that really just cheer me up or make me feel happy in general, What things make you feel happy?

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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