Thursday, 17 April 2014

What's in my bag?- Casual

So hi..

I thought I would let you all have a little peek at what I tend to carry in my bag, It'll mostly be college related as that is still where I spend most of my time out of the house!

So firstly these are my most used bags! I swap between them with the tartan one acting as my college bag and the other my casual bag.. I'm a bit in love with satchels and I want to own a beautiful collection of them okay.

I'll get the boring things out the way and say this is my college book I split the three subjects i'm taking between the page dividers so I only have to carry this one book and the hand outs given to me. I carry my organisational diary with me everywhere as well so I can note anything I need to note down.

I'll also carry a bottle of water with me and lunch if I remember (not very often) I've currently got into the habit of carrying my wreck this journal which I got in February as it's great to add bits to it now and again

I always carry some form of spray and deodorant with me because who wants to walk round possibly smelling? never know when you may have to run about and you don't want to smell of sweat. too many people already do. I'll also have wipes in my bag because they are always handy. As well as that I carry around anti bacterial hand gel as well since you know there are germs on everything you touch and in a college god only knows the germs on the door handles. no thank you!  I'll also have whatever lipstick or lip product i'm wearing most often at that moment which through the change to spring has been a collection lipstick in the colour vintage rose, and a nude lip crayon from primark for my lazy lip days.

In the smallest compartment I carry little important things like my passport and ID, and sometimes little hair clip and such in case of emergencies. I have in these pockets also a Nivea lip balm which I love! really nourishes my lips and a rimmel lipstick lock, which basically helps my lipstick to last longer. I'll also have some mints or chewing gum in here as well which I need to stock up on! and due to the state my throat has been in thanks to my tonsillitis i often carry medicine and these Tyrozets, which numb the throat.

In the last compartment of my bag is probably where all my junk gets chucked, As well as my phone and purse I carry my headphones and pens in this compartment. if I have a particularly long day I'll also have a few bits of make-up in there such as my MUA powder.

And that's what I have in my bag, not all that exciting as I don't need much with me for my day to day life but I thought I would do this little tag anyway because i'm quite nosy and enjoy these kinda posts so maybe others will to? and really why not!

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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  1. I absolutely love satchels too, I love the first bag!

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