Monday, 14 April 2014

It's a big Blogging world!

So Hi...

Another chatty post today, while catching up on blog posts and during a night deep in thought I started thinking about my little blog that I have here and just how large the blogging community is, whether its beauty, lifestyle, Cooking, or fashion bloggers.(etc etc) 

I must say often I think that this little blog of mine is no good compared to the many fancy well written blogs around with there charm and crisp clean blogs and photo skills, Although this leads to me feeling a bit lacking I've come to realize that I should simply take inspiration from these developed blogs, My little blog is young and I have time to better both my myself and my blog, and although I may not be there yet, I write for myself, and I very much enjoy it. the blogging community can be a large and scary place for a new blog but it's really a beautiful little community with so many lovely people and photos, god the photos.

So this post may be a little short and random but I just wanted to get that off my back, It's a large world but I'll work hard to make my way and find my place in this little community

I'd like to hope 'if' or more so 'as' I grow my few readers will keep enjoying my blog and stay with me!

We'll talk soon lovelies!
Contact/Follow/Check Out!
Much love guys!

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