Saturday, 1 March 2014

My Everyday Make-up.

So Hi...

I've be feeling a lot more confident with my make-up kills recently and although I was a late bloomer with make-up I feel i'm finally quite happy with the way I do my make-up, my collection and how it looks!
And so my dear readers I thought I would show and tell you all what I use!

I don't have any High-end make up as I just don't have the money for them, not that I don't want to try so many high end products ( I blame youtube and blogs) but this is all relevantly cheap and from drugstores/the high street.
So first off I start with my concealer which I use the much loved collection lasting perfection concealer in fair 1, I use it under my eyes and in those problem areas, For my foundation I use the Rimmel match perfection foundation although I sometimes change it up this is my most used one at the moment. I then have a habit of using the concealer again if those problem area still look very er problemy?
I don't tend to use blush in the winter so i'll then just set this with the Rimmel stay matte powder.

After finishing the base I'll start on the eyes, If I'm feeling eye shadow, I'll use a really old 4 palette I've had for ages from No.7 I use the lightest colour called 'lace' in the corners of my eyes then blend out the dark brown colour 'leather' for a brown smokey eye.

 I'll then do a thin (well thats the objective but it doesn't always go like that) cat eye using the Loreal super liner perfect slim which I have repurchased and really love, I find it so easy to use! and I may use a black pencil eyeliner on the waterline.
for the lashes I'm at the moment using an impulse buy of collection 'no clumps definition mascara' And for £2.99 it's rather good, It's no clumps claim holds true and it gives good volume.

That's all for my Everyday make-up, I'll usually add a lipstick but since that changes up nearly everyday I can't pick just one! I will say it is very often a red lip. but the red lip in the photo was the Rimmel Apocolips in across the universe.

What's your everyday make-up?
We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!


  1. Lovely look, beautiful colour of lipstick.

    1. Thanks a lot! yeah I really love how pigmented and gorgeous the Apocalips across the universe looks, such a perfect red colour!