Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Growing Nail Varnish Collection...

So hi..

I thought I would do a little nail varnish appreciation post to my collection as it has grown a large amount. Most of it developing over 2013, it's not really a huge collection, but I have bought a few nice cheap nail varnish that I thought I could show you all.

My collection is mostly made up of MUA nail varnishes and a few Primark offerings, as I don't have the money to spend £5+ of nail varnishes the ones I have do me fine!

Firstly I'll show you the MUA portion of my collection!
I have 6 of them in the colours...

 'All Nude'

 'Moody Mink'

'Strawberry Crush'

'Mud Pie'

'Koala Bear'

And 'Plum Noir'

They are all gorgeous colours and for £1 they work quite well and tend to last me a good few days, though it does take 2 sometimes 3 coats for the colour to show but I can live with that! The packaging is also rather pretty, very similar to the Essie nail varnishes I think.

Next are the Primark nail varnishes I have
I bought 2 sets of 4 mini varnishes before which were £2 each and I also have the odd colour from a manicure set  that I reviewed on the blog before!
The odd one out is a muddy grey colour? Honestly I've said before I would know what to call this colour but it is pretty and good for calmer nails all the same.

One set of 4 were a range of red shades

The other set are a range of blue shades

I love both these little sets as I like the lighter and darker options as well as a bit of sparkle thrown in and at £2 a set, meaning 50p a bottle I enjoy them and they are good, they don't tend to last as long as MUA but they manage 3-4 days before chipping, which is good enough to me!

I then have three nail varnishes from 'Miss Sporty' Which I got from Superdrug and although I don't remember the exact prices I'm sure they were £2-3 and actually despite being the most expensive they are the ones I dislike most, I just find the formula a bit goopy and annoying sometimes, though I can just have one coat i find it messy, But I do still use them.
I have a clear varnish.
A bright blue one
and a very pretty aqua colour.

Last in my collection is a more recent buy, I  got it from Body care and It's a technic nail varnish. I picked it up for £1 just to try it out as I was sure I had heard good things about Technic and I was nicely surprised, It's quite a big bottle and the brush is easy to work with, I find you could have one coat but it's better with two, I picked up a midnight blue colour which I find gorgeous!

And that's my nail varnish collection, not very large or very fancy but I really to like what I've got and I don't see much reason to spend a lot of money on nail varnish when I'm fond of Mua already.
Although I do want to try out Barry M and some of the offerings from Models Own...
 Maybe one day I'll treat myself!

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!


  1. Never tried the MUA nail polish but at £1 def worth a try! Which one is your fav colour?

    1. Well I really love the white 'all nude' But I'd have to say 'Plum Noir' Is my favourite!