Friday, 3 January 2014

The Boxing Day Sales! The Beauty side

So Hi.
I am still behind with posts as it is now 2014! I hope everyone had a lovely new years eve!
The sales are still on and some places have even added further reductions to their sales however I did all my sales shopping on boxing day.
These are the beauty related items I bought.
Firstly I bought 3 lips products from Boots with the £20 voucher I received. Rimmel London had a 3 for 2 offer and I have been wanting to try these products anyway. I bought two Apocalips, and one of the Moisture renew lipsticks

The first one I pick up unsurprisingly is a red colour and is in the shade Across the universe, I was surprised at how pigmented and comfortable I feel wearing these lip lacquers, I thought they would feel too glossy and annoying but it's actually lovely.
The second one I picked up is a more pinky violet shade called galaxy, When I picked this up I wasn't sure if the shade would look good on me, as I tend to stick with red as I know it works but I'm trying new colours and I'm really glad I picked this one up!
The moisture renew lipstick I picked up is in the shade 360 As you want Victoria, it is a lovely bold dark pink colour and feels amazing on. I feel more like i'm wearing a repairing lip balm than a lipstick and I am definitely going to pick up some other shades when my finances allow!

Next I picked up one product from The body shop and a sample. I had a voucher for a free sample and £3 off a purchase that my dad had got after buying a present for me from the body shop so I was able to use the voucher as well which was great! the sample is the coco butter body butter, and I picked up the Mango body mist, It smells absolutely amazing and I think I might had to buy a few more body mists in the future. Gorgeous!

These are all the face products I picked up, Firstly I needed a new foundation so got the match perfection foundation by Rimmel in 010 Light Porcelain, so far I quite like it, it's nice on the skin and does the job. I also picked up as a part of the £20 boots voucher the holy grail of many vloggers and bloggers a like, The Collection lasting perfection concealer, though I'm gutted to say I picked up a shade too dark for me and so will have to wait to try out a different shade.. And lastly ANOTHER Rimmel product. ( I didn't realize how many Rimmel products I bought until I started writing this opps) the stay matte powder in 005 silky beige.
The last beauty item I picked up, as the last item also bought with my boots voucher is the Collection No clumps mascara, this was just an impulse buy as I wanted to try a new mascara and it was there! It seems like an average mascara and I haven't noticed anything spectacular about it but It is good and has avoided clumping my lashes.
So that is all of the beauty related products I picked up, I'm quite satisfied with them all! especially the lipsticks but that's to no surprise as I'm lipstick obsessed...
I'll have the fashion side to this post up shortly! and then the Primark voucher buys!

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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