Saturday, 9 November 2013

Trying out primark's offerings..

So hi...
Now when people used to think about primark it wasn't considered a brilliant brand but in the last few years primark have stepped up their game and now offer some amazing fashion pieces for very reasonable prices! I love primark for their clothes, for me who doesn't have a lot of money for myself primark is my fashion savior!
But I have never really considered Primark for anything else other than their clothing affordable bags and shoes... but after noticing in stores the growing section in my local primark it started to peak my curiosity. i would give it a little look at as I bought myself some hair clips or bobby pins ( I lose and go through them like nothing else! it's terrible)

I then seen the odd beauty post about the nail polishes that primark offered and about their general make-up, so I decided to test the waters.

I didn't go crazy for fear of disappointment but I bought a '3D manicure' set for £2 with a bottle of confetti and one nail polish that is a purple/grey colour and a liquid eye liner for £1 which if these products both show positive results I'll be happy to try out and give a chance to a few more of the beauty related products that primark have to offer!
I'll also get back to you on the results of both of these products!

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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