Sunday, 17 November 2013

Facial Skincare Routine.

So Hi...

In the last few weeks I have developed a lot more motivation for a variety of things! This included a change in my skin care and have now formed a sort of routine for  my facial skincare. It isn't anything fancy with any particularly expensive skincare products but it works for me so I thought I would share.

I may decide to write or film a video about my general skincare routine or even my nightly skincare routine in the future!

Okay so my first step which is a little obvious is removing all make-up with a cleansing make-up removing wipe and washing my hands! I don't tend to use any particular brands of wipes as my dad buys me them every few weeks however I do like the Simple wipes and try to get them mostly!

Next I'll lightly damp my face with warm water before washing it with a clean and clear cleansing scrub. I used clean and clear a lot through high school as I suffered from quite bad skin and a lot of spots which as you could imagine was horrible, So I used clean and clear to help manage them, which it did, so I have just kept up the habit of using this product, I'm also lucky enough that my skin seems to have passed that acne stage that was probably influence a lot from puberty but I still get the occasional break out with which this product is my savior!

After I've washed that off my face I tend to pat dry my face and then once again lightly damp it with warm water it's a little strange but it's just a habit I have. After that weird little habit I'll simply wash my face once again but with soap, I prefer to use dove soap as I find it leaves my skin feeling a lot healthier than with regular soap.
after all that 3 times a week I'll also use a mask face which is the Clearasil vitamins and extracts wash and mask, I love this product! it can be used daily as a face wash or you can leave it on the skin for 3 minutes for a deeper cleanse as a face mask, this smells absolutely lovely as well with avocado and pomegranate extracts! My skin always feels so refreshed after using this!

In terms of cleansing and washing my face that's it really! nothing complicated or fancy but I do want to try out a few more products and such as well when funds allow!
finally after this I'll brush my teeth and such and then I'll moisturize! For this step I use Nivea express I got this product quite recently and it was only £3.99 which is affordable to me and so far I have favorable impressions of it! It smells quite nice and makes my skin feel fresh and lovely!

After all that business I tend to moisturise my hands as well and have a Vaseline cocoa butter scented hand cream for the job!

Depending on weather conditions and such I'll apply my make-up for the day but that's it! My very simple but effective(well for me anyway) facial skin care routine!

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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