Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Things that I love 1#

Things that make me happy! #1
So Hi...
Just small things and stuff that make me smile and happy in life!
1. Youtube!

I absolutely love youtube! and all my subscriptions, I follow so many different people as well and love finding the odd random song or video from related videos !

2. Summer with friends

What's not to enjoy about this! Though my funds have been a lot worse compared to last year so I haven't been as busy but it's still been lovely the few days I've spent with my friends this summer

3. Lipsticks (red)

I adore lipsticks anyway and I hardly ever go out without popping one on but my number one lip colour is red! I just think it can fit all occasions and moods with the right shade of red! and look at this beauty so simple but the lip makes it so effective! this picture also makes me wanna go blonde!!
4. Yankee candles

Although admittedly I have only this year discovered my love for yankee candles, I can't help but love them, the smells that flow around my room are simply gorgeous! I'm definitely in need of more though! I want to get the fireside treats one as well as a few more when my finance allows!

5. A long bubble bath

After a long tiring day nothing feel more relaxing then a hot bath full of bubbles! I love to put my music on and just relax in the bath, it just feels so care free and soothing. I wish my bath was as amazing as this one though! it looks heavenly

6. A Nice Homemade Roast dinner

I'm a bit of a sucker for home meals generally, since my mother is a chef and often cooked from scratch when I was younger but the highlights of my week were Sundays when she would make a glorious Roast dinner, with homemade gravy yorkshires and all! I miss those days and love the rarity I now have of a good roast dinner.

7. A Good book!

When I was younger I could read a book within a day, and I have probably read almost every Jacqueline Wilson book. Though I'm a bit more busy now I still love reading and curling up with a good book and some tea and biscuits is just something I thoroughly enjoy. I'm current;y reading this book, My Sisters keeper and am loving it so far!

8. Supernatural & tv series

The Tv series 'Supernatural' just knows how to tug on my heart strings and pull me right in to the storyline but I can't help but love the show and dearly love a lot of the different interesting characters! I'm also a fan of many other series such as Games of Thrones, Skins, Hannibal, Sherlock, Misfits and still many more that I need to watch

9. Tattoos'

Now tattoos are not everyone cup of tea but I really love them, not every tattoo as there are PLENTY of terrible and questionable tattoos but there are some simply beautiful tattoos out there and I can't help but appreciate their beauty and want a tattoo as well of such beauty, more recently I've found a lot of water colour tattoos and owl tattoos on tumblr that are just amazing.

10. Boots

I love a lot of different types and styles of shoes but above all boots are my favourite! I'm gone through about 4 pairs of military style boots alone but I'm hoping for more styles of boots for my birthday! Beautycrushes collection of boots that you can see in her most recent shoes collection video are all fantastic and I am oh so jealous!!

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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