Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween Make-up! Rag/Stiched Doll

So hi...
I am quite disappointed with how little time I've had the last few weeks to actually make some Halloween posts and experiment with make-up and Halloween looks.
but for now I do have one look to show you, I did this look for a pub Halloween event on Saturday and was so happy with how the make-up turned out!
I was A Human Rag doll/Stitched doll!
My outfit was made by my home and I wore my red prom heels, plain white socks and a simple black bag, I'll show the outfit together on Halloween as I'll be wearing it again for a Halloween/18th party!
This was my look.

I also added red ribbon in my hair just to add to the look.
For the base I used my lightest foundation, which is the l'oreal true match foundation in ivory with my new Maybelline fit me concealer, I then used a cream white art make-up I bought from poundland to lighten up my face for a more perfected doll like look.
For my eyes I used my MUA pink trio eye shadow, using the lightest colour in the corners and slightly under my eyes to make my eyes look more open, with a coat of mascara just to make my eyes pop a bit more. 
for my cheeks i used my normal cream blush and then again used the art make-up in red to darker the cheeks a little more and for my lips I used my MUA lipstick in shade 1 and over the top used the super slim eye liner by L'oreal for the stitches.
Here's a closer look at the make-up
I hope you all like the look of this as i personally really enjoyed doing this make-up and such! I look forward to creating this look again for Halloween night as well as trying out a few more looks to show!

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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