Wednesday, 23 October 2013

MUA mini-haul

So Hi...
Again it seems like I just couldn't help myself and went a bought a few more MUA products and with all the new launches I've seen from them recently who can blame me!! The newest release that had me the most excited though is the matte lipsticks!! Since I am a huge lover of lipsticks already and for a poor person like me MUA are a godsend I was more than a little excited to get my hands on some on the matte shades.
I was worried that my local Superdrug would not have the matte lipsticks in stock as I had seen Miss budget beauty's post where she mentioned it was often difficult for her to find MUA's new products.
I popped into superdrugs today and behold my eyes sat a small remaining collection of the matte lipsticks that had yet to be snapped up! and I quickly chose two colours to take home with me along with a few other products.

so first product I picked up was the Matte lipstick in Scarlet Siren, It's a beautiful reddy colour, And unlike my fear of feeling rough and drying on the lips it does go on quite nicely and feels rather soft on the lips, It does take longer swiping it along your lips for it to have the full pigment I found, unlike the normal lipsticks however it's not so long that it is a inconvenience. I do wear this a lot recently but the wear is not amazing but it's not too much hassle to top it up regularly

I then picked up another lipstick in the shade 'Wild Berry' I picked this shade up as I thought as well as a nice addiction to my lipstick collection that it would be a lovely autumn lipstick and I hope I'll be baring the cold in this shade often however, After wearing it I did find it was not as bright or bold as I would have liked,  but still a very gorgeous colour that I'll enjoy wearing.

 I also picked up two single eye shadows from MUA for a £1 each, both in different shades of green. I picked these up for a Halloween make-up look as I hope to be going out this year as poison ivy and as I don't have any green eye shadows I thought why not, I also would  probably wear the darker green with a going out make-up look too so the purchases are for good reasons!

Lastly I picked up a nail polish also for £1 I picked up the white nail polish as I always think just having white on your nails looks quite clean and nice and I feel like having a white and black nail polish in your collection is a must, so now just to pick up a black nail polish some time in the future! I have already coated my nails in this polish many times and it's quite good, it does need more than one coat but I feel like that is quite normal and pretty acceptable for a £1 nail polish.

So those were my addictions to my make-up collection and I am quite happy with them all and I know I'll get a lot of wear and more than my money's worth from these few little beauties!

We'll talk soon lovelies...
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Much Love all

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