Monday, 2 September 2013

MUA-Make Up Academy: A Poor Make-up Addicts Dream!

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So today I wanted to talk about the make-up brand Make-Up Academy. This is a make-up brand that is ridiculously cheap! Previously while in desperate need and want of a bright red lipstick I seen one that I like from MUA and for £1 I thought what the hell! and boy what a great investment! The lipstick is very well pigmented and feels lovely on your lips, It's feel surprisingly creamy and soft on your lips, and lasts quite well without the day although this is without eating!
After that first brilliant buy I have bought another Darker red lipstick from them and still have yet to be disappointed! I also more recently while shopping with birthday money picked up three new MUA products!
One bright pink lipstick shade 3 £1
Forgive my lack of a picture here as my camera has started playing up and I did not want to delay this post any longer you can see the lipstick below however!
A pressed powder shade 2 £1

And a pinky/pale trio eye-shadow pallet for £2.50

 I have tried on the powder and found it works well and does the job needed very efficiently for a £1 product. Also The eye shadows are beautiful colours that are like the lipsticks, well pigmented, so far I have used the lightest and darkest colours of the trios to make a almost smokey eye look which i'm absolutely loving as it looks quite cute and girly and isn't too strong!
I am already beyond in love with the lipstick and it may have become one of my favorites in my collection!
These are the three lipsticks I currently have!
The pink colour is shade 3, The Dark red colour is shade 1 and unfortunately the writing on bright red lip colour has worn away so I'm unable to tell you which shade it's in! Apologizes!!
I also swatched the three colours so you can see how they come up on the skin.
I think you can tell which is what colour but it goes from the shade 3 pink, the red and the shade 1 dark red. I think the one thing I would have to say about these lipsticks that are more negative for me is that I personally am much fonder of a matte finish on the lips which, you can probably tell from the swatches that these lipsticks do not have however it does not make me love them any less as they are beautiful!

So that is my small collection of MUA make-up, I know not much but I'm very interested in trying out a few more of their eye shadows and expanding my lipstick collection.

I would definitely  recommend trying out this make-up brand if you are someone either just learning about make-up or like me you do not have the funds or the more high end make up brands but still want to look good and experiment!
A large collection of it's make up is only £1 with the few pieces such as the trio eye shadow sets that are a few pound extra but It's still very much worth it!

Well Talk soon lovelies...
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