Thursday, 29 August 2013

Inspiration motivation #1

So hi...
these posts will just be my way of trying to help or even inspire/motivate my readers!
It's always something that makes me feel more positive on those down days!

This quote is just so relevant and holds a lot of truth to it! Too many people try so hard to change and be 'better' often not for themselves but just to try and compete or be better than another person, It's unfortunate how common it is for people to constantly be compared to others by society and for people to compare themselves, but really you may think that someone else is smarter prettier or better but really you are your own person. and you will never be anyone but yourself, why put yourself down because you can't magically be someone else? I think the a person can only be their best when they are comfortable and be themselves.

You should try and be happy for yourself, and if you're not? change for yourself, because you want to, not because society or anyone else expects it or wants you to! I think once a person can grasp this thought then happiness will naturally find them and they probably won't even notice. people shouldn't have to worry about the person standing next to them and how they might look in comparison. at the day of the day, Everyone is flawed, no one is picture perfect and everyone has something that they would like to change about them, whether it's something like their weight or the shape of their nose, but people also has something that makes them different makes them well them, Something unique about them and probably something they really love about themselves, for example, I'm not fond of my weight on certain parts of my body but at the same time, I really like my eyes, and have had more comments on how pretty my eyes look compared to my weight, so why cause myself to be down about it? what's important is being yourself, being happy in your own skin and realizing no one is perfect but you should be happy how you are.

It's YOUR Life, your choices, everything is down to you and no one else, so if you want to change something about you? Go for it! but make sure it's a change that will help and benefit you, that it's something you yourself really want
Because no-one else in your life should be more important than you, because you will always be there for yourself.

Be happy with yourself.
Be yourself for you.

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