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Re-Reads, Book Reviews! The Hunger Games

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I thought as I have decided to reread a the large collection of books I have collected I thoughts it would be be give a small review on some of the books I have been reading and my thoughts.There will be minor spoilers so if you have not read the books I'm talking about and don't want even the smallest of spoilers then I would avoid reading! If not then I hope you enjoy!

First book of choice... The Hunger Games.

I first read this book straight after I had seen the film as I thought the film was absolutely brilliant and so different to other films out at the time, and i had wanted to read the books! I have found the book also became more popular after the film was released.

Anyway I adore this book! As good as the film is the book is just 10 times better! is it so well written and all the extra amounts of details and background information you get about the characters just draws you completely into the book!

One part that I loved and kind of wished they had in the film was the little side story and relationship Katniss has with the red-haired Avox girl who's name we are never told, It was such a warming and interesting addiction to the book! Especially with the small moments where Katniss had no one and was comforted by this girl! there re also other little factors in the book that were not included in the films or were changed slightly but I could go on about them forever! However I do understand that directors cannot squeeze every detail of the book into the film but it sometimes feels like such a shame! 

Sadly I have not yet got the other books, Catching fire and Mockingjay which is quite saddening and irritating with how the hunger games book ends! As well as the fact that the Catching Fire Movie trailer has been released, making me want to read the books even more!!

If you have not read the book then I STRONGLY Recommend it as it was an amazing story-line and has such a variety of both heart warming moments and Heart breaking moments.

Well that was my small review and thoughts on The Hunger Games book.
If I get the time and motivation I'll be hoping to do a book review a few times a month! It'll depend on if I have the time to both read the books and then write about them..

Well Talk soon lovelies...
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