Sunday, 3 February 2013

Violence give me violence, Cause they say we're the worthless ones

Well I did not plan to post more than once a day  but I'm not in a very happy mood right now and thought ranting or just generally talking on here would be useful to calm myself down so yeaah....

Spent the last like 2 hours cleaning out these huge old draws in my room that i've been looking after for my mum because I have a big room at dads and her house doesn't, It's her mother draws so they mean a lot to her, But i want to move stuff in my room around so i need to move them out...
I feel really bad about it but I want my own  room though she is getting my aunt to take it instead hopefully
but omg sooo many memories and stuff! I had loads of books and papers from high school in there and omg I had this collection of football cards ahahaha such a gay tom boy I was :')
My collection, and me looking quite boyish aha
Yeah and I found a story i wrote from junior school and i swear the teacher must have been so creeped out ahaha i was such a descriptively violent and bloodly story aha i was such a fucked up little child aha still am probably if i'm honest ;)
had a good few laughs clearing them out though and my room looks a little bit more tidy as I did some generall cleaning around my room as well Soo yeaah

UGH. Just remembered have to go to the post office to pick up a shirt i ordered because it's apparently 'too large' I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT. tried to go on saturday but it was completely packed out so I was like fuck that :L 
And still waiting for another shirt that is sleeveless with a studded collar and is cream, Oh my it's so pretty and was only £8!! :3 and a crewneck jumper
Can't wait for them to get here :) 
need to get loads more clothes though and boots/shoes :L
Managed to buy all the make-up I needed on thursday while shopping with mum and i was so happy! set a £30 budget for myself to get what i wanted and got everything for £20 hell yeah go me ;) 
Yeah making another post was definitely a good idea :') 
Should i show you guys what I looked like in high school? I looked terrible i warn you :L And chubby/basically obese :/
Few years old sister Jaime mum Teresa then me. 
Family fancy dress party hawaii girl zorro and a godess :)

Yeaaaaah i look so terrible ahaha
Love you dudes
Chenelleyness xx

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