Sunday, 3 February 2013

I Saw the Evidence, The Crimson Running Through...

So hi..
Starting this whole blogging thing cause I just wanted to and it'll allow me to just talk about things that I'm doing and that interest me so yeah...
I'm a youtuber, A very new and unknown one :L But I hope that i can change that even a little nit by the end of the year as I now have a clear schedule or routine of my videos
I started as just uploading videos of me singing but I realized I'd prefer to be a channel about fashion make-up clothes and my opinions on topics, So that's the direction I'm going in now
My Youtube channel: ChenLoudDay
This is my face

Yeaah this is me , Though I have a full fringe normally which is swept over here....
I'm obsessed with music and I love going to gigs and concerts and such :) Last yeah I went to Of Mice&Men With Memphis May Fire supporting which was amazing and Slam Dunk South where I got to meet Of Mice&Men as well :)

Hoping to be going to Slam dunk South this year as well And want to go london to see a Live Session of Deaf Havana, which will be really cool

I have a lot of plans for this year and really hope to make the most of my year and save a lot of money up as I hope to go on holiday in the summer, Once to Brighton for 4 nights with my best Friend Ross :') Known Ross for 4 years nearly 4 and a half and been best friends for about 3 and a half :') he iis a little spoilt bitch but I love him :L we have the biggest love-hate friendship ever and are always sarcastic to each other but we spend a lot of time together and have yet to murder one another so it's all good...
Me and Ross, my 17th last year

And hopefully again with my other best friend, Paulina <3 Me and her hope to go broad to somewhere like spain for a week and have a nice girly week to party, ( We'll both be 18, I turn 18 this august :) ) and yeaah, I love paulina :') I don't usually get along with girls or they don't become close with me as I can't be bothered to deal with bitchy girls but last year in college we were inseparable and definitely became best friends <3 sadly we don't get to see eachother now as we both moved to different colleges and have college work and a lot of work to manage but still love her!
Me and Paulina, College last year

But yeaaaah I have a lot to save up for and a lot of things I want to do this year and I will be blogging about it every now and again on here! this'll be like my open online diary,
Love you all, You gorgeous people
Chenelleyness xx

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