Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Come on, Skinny Love what happened here...

So Hi..
I didn't do a post yesterday as I was with my best friend Ross most of the day and I wasn't on my laptop till late which was suckish, although I won't be posting daily blog post anyway as I'll probably run out of stuff to say...
Been doing a hell of a lot of online shopping in like planning for all themoney I'll be getting in the next few months because of work! 
I work at luton town football club and I'm a waitress in the board room, which to be honest isn't bad, I'm with the footballclub directors and all I have to do is serve food to them and smile and as well we get a lot of breaks because we're not needed while the game is on and we get the food as well as there is always loads left over, I have cool proplr I work with as well and there's usually 4 of us working, 3 waiting and 1 bar staff.

but yeah it's a good job and pays quite well, Only suckish thing is that it depends of how many football games a month there is and usually it isn't a lot, so I really need another job to fit my wanted lifestyle of online shopping and gigs/festivals, so today will be spent doing that and hopefully I can get another part time job, or a summer job would be nice so I could have quite a bit of money in the summer
I was thinking about applying and as barstaff for somewhere when I turn 18 as I'm sure that would be a amusing job, I'll be careful about where though.

and yeah I have so much buy I still need to buy despite having bought a lot of stuff at the end of january, guess I'm making up for the major lack of clothes and make-up I used to have because my dad didn't buy me many things, not girly things anyway for obvious reasons!

Well thats all i have to talk about today really.... Money money money, always need more of it
Love you all gorgeous people

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