Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Impossible hair! and Possible posts!

So Hi...
I tried yet again to dye my hair with an Ombre effect and as a last resort I bough Extreme platinum blonde permanent hair dye and yet again it did not dye my hair! This is very frustrating for me!
But now I'm just going to save up and go to the hairdressers and professionally get it done as I have been wasting money buying dyes!
Hair before
Hair after
If you can see the ends did lighten but it was a very minor change considering the hair dye bought!
This is the hair dye I bought, (Loreal)

As you can see it isn't exactly a dull colour so I was very dissapointed!
Also tomorrow I'll be doing a video and blogpost of my make up and my current favourite make-up look!
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Much Love guys!

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