Monday, 11 February 2013

Hair Dye Disaster! & Hair Colours

So Hi...
okay so due to snow troubles I was not in college today and I decided to dye my hair, well ombre my hair with the blonde dye I had sitting around...
At the moment my hair is a gingery dirty brownish blonde... yeah it sounds weird but from previously trying to get my hair blonde from a dark gingery colour it is a bit multi-coloured!
I recently decided I'd rather have ombre hair than pure blonde hair as I love the way ombre looks and think it would suit me a lot better as the last time I was blonde was then I was about 8... long long time ago!!

Previous hair colours!
Natural- Dirty blonde
quite old.. Year and a half probably

-dyed a bright ginger!
Straight after still a bit wet!
-Dyed bright red which faded

-I then dyed it a slightly redish colour!

After all this I stopped dying my hair and let the colour naturally fade until my hair finally got to a colour that reflected my natural hair colour tinted gingery!

Since when I've been trying to get it blonde with no success! my hair is long and thick and pretty resistant to hair dyes as I often have to leave the dye on my hair a few minutes longer than suggested (no more than 5 extra) and I didn't have the money to buy an expensive bleach dye or hair stripper so kept getting cheap hair dye or using other bought for me

However after all this I have decided I'd rather have ombre hair as I think it looks absolutely beautiful!
depressingly though after trying it today with normal blonde hair dye it did not have much effect on my hair except slightly lightening the ends so I will be going out and buying some bleach when I next get paid, I will be recording myself dying my hair and such on my youtube which I hope will be amusing to you guys!
well that was the disaster that happened today
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Thanks Lovelies!!

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