Saturday, 9 February 2013

The silence sweeps us off our feet..

So Hi....
I realised I could't do my beauty reviews and videos today due to work as I have just come home! also tomorrow I'm having a dinner party at my mums so  I will have to try do the reviews tomorrow morning and if not attempt to have them done during the week as I do want to make sure to have a beauty review and video at least once every week if not more when possible!
I'm hoping to keep this blog running smoothly each week with about 3-4 posts a week if possible although forgive me if I can't because I do have a life and college to deal with as well!

Also I'm so gutted that I had forgot about the dinner party tomorrow because it means I won't be able to bake anything!! However it does give me more time to plan more stuff to bake and so I'll have a few different goodies to show you guys how I made it and what it looks like! hopefully they all come out as planned and nice looking! Look forward to the beauty and cooking on the way!
Here are ways to contact or keep up with me! 
I will talk to you lovelies tomorrow!!

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