Friday, 18 March 2016

My Instagram Life 2#

So hi...

Another Instagram post here today!
The idea of these posts is to show what I've been posting and doing on instagram in terms of portraying how well life is going but at the same time get real with you and say the things that weren't so picture perfect that have happened. Super real, Super honest, that's these posts.

My instagram has kept the theme of food selfies and drawings like last month but with a few more selfies!
I've been feeling selfie strong the last few weeks, well it terms of my face anyway. Body wise I've been a bit down and have started changes to get a little healthier and lose weight, as currently I just can't say I'm happy.
My drawings have been progressing really well, the copic markers I've bought are amazing and I've starting to draw sketches and drawings the way I want first time without having to erase and re draw a 10000 times, it's been a great motivator and confidence booster.
The lack of drawings however has been due to assignment period, the last 3 weeks has been a big stress to hand in and complete three different assignments all within a very short amount of time from each other, the university didn't really plan it out very well and It's cause a load of stress for a number of students.
My sleep schedule has also been awful still, I'm either not sleeping or sleeping for an hour or so at random points in the day, it's to the stage where I'm planning to see a doctor about it as it's past the stage of normal, I was awake for nearly 40 hours without feeling too sleepy this week and it was very weird. (I'm also writing this at 5am, yay).
and that's my instagram life recently.

How has the last few weeks been for you?
Let me know down in the comments!

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Much love guys!

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