Thursday, 17 March 2016

St.Patrick's Day OOTD

So hi...

Happy St.Patricks Day! When you're seeing this I'll be celebrating in Dublin! woop woop. Anyway today's a quick one to show two outfits I've put together themed for the day!

So this first outfit is super simple. It's a swing dress I got from boohoo super cheap, I think it was around £8? I bought it intending to wear it on paddy's day. Although I like it, It just doesn't sit as nicely on as I hoped and the neckline goes a tiny bit too low. to the point that I would be overly conscious of it the whole day, making it less enjoyable! But I do love the dress and will still be taking it with me, maybe for one of the other days I'm there.

The Second outfit I absolutely love as it's built around the amazing patterned mini skirt. It still keeps with the green them as well with a basic top tucked into the skirt and then some tights, I'll definitely be changing into this at some point on paddy's day, just decided not to start in it as I didn't think I'd enjoy having to watch my skirt while travelling.

The last outfit is the one I decided to wear on the plane, It's this super cool baggy dress that I actually stole off my mum ( hurray for mums with good clothes, or just mum generally, you rock mums.) so I don't actually know where it was that she picked it up from but I love it. The cut out shoulders and golden detailing makes me feel so cool and chic in it, and the bagginess makes it comfortable while still nice due to the fitted bottom.

What are you wearing this St. Patrick's day? Are you celebrating it at all?
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Much love guys!

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