Thursday, 24 March 2016

Dublin Trip

So hi...

If you didn't know (I don't know how because I mentioned it everywhere) but i went to Dublin over the weekend for St. Patricks day to celebrate. I went with 9 other people, mostly friends and family and I was there a total of three days, Flying out early morning Thursday and coming back home in the evening on Saturday. It was short but sweet.

Now I ain't gonna lie, drinking was high up in the things to do list, so I didn't exactly get loads of photos but there was a few decent ones.

On paddy's day itself I was flying from Birmingham airport by myself and meeting the rest of the group in dublin, I'll be writing more about my experiences travelling alone another time!
After eventually all meeting up we headed to the hostel, which took a good 2 hours, we basically didn't know the exact way and the security and officers kept pointing us in different directions. Obviously when we actually found it, it was right in the first place we had walked around. We finally got to put our stuff away and headed out towards the Parade.
The amount of people was ridiculous, it was kinda amazing. Everyone was dressed up in some form, with some people wearing simple hats, to other dressed up in full green suits covered in shamrocks, it was amazing.
Because we had to be careful about packing, none of us had any accessories or hats from previous years so found a shop to buy new ones, me, my mum and my sister ended up getting matching hats at 5 euros each.

Inappropriate accessories....
The parade itself was pretty cool, I think the Luton one is more impressive in terms of outfits and the sheer size of it, but wither way it was still a good time. We didn't get any photos thought because of the amount of people. And I'm not going to lie that the rest of the day was spent visiting a variety of pubs and drinking and socialising. It was all a good time, though I have to say, the prices were ridiculous. I expected Dublin prices to be bad anyway but I'm pretty sure they were even more due to St. Patricks day, but I guess that is to be expected.

The day after, there was surprisingly no hangovers, just tiredness, the hostel we stayed at was pretty good, we had a whole 10 bed room to ourself so it was like a hotel, but the bed are never going to be as good as home ya know?
We spent the day doing a bit of shopping and in tourist fashion, we also visited the Guinness Factory and had the little tour, the place is absolutely massive and you get little sample Guinness going round and a voucher for a full pint at the top, I'm personally not a huge Guinness drinker but it was pretty cool.

How cute is this horse though.
I'm not ashamed to say that me, my mum and my sister then went back for a quick hour nap, it was so good.
For the afternoon we had reserved a table at a Thai restaurant for my sister as it was her birthday on the 16th so we decided to slightly delay the celebrations. It was my first time trying Thai food and it was pretty good, I wasn't feeling too well though and really wasn't very hungry so I couldn't appreciate it as much but it was still a lovely evening. To end it off we spent the rest of the evening in the pub attached to the hostel which had an amazing atmosphere and that's where we stayed until it closed.
The final day was pretty boring, mostly spent packing and then waiting around for our flights, we did go for a fry up however which was basically heaven.

That was pretty much the whole trip, I had the flight back and then enjoyed my own bed and having my flat to myself before returning to my home town the next day for easter.

How did you spend St. Patricks day? Have you gone away recently?
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Much love guys!

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