Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Rediscovering Lipsticks

So hi...

As a blogger and fan of reading many blogs I've read a few posts about 'Shopping your stash' but I never really thought I'd ever amass enough make-up to do that myself but ALAS, I have definitely collected enough lipsticks.
Recently I've been using the same make-up products because a lot of my things have already been moved over to my new place that I'll be moving to in a few weeks, but I completely forgot that I left a whole bag full of other make-up stuff so I could swap around, and I rediscovered my Topshop Headrush lipstick, a lovely mix of red and orange. As such I've been pretty addicted to it the last week or so, the quality of the Topshop lipsticks is another thing I'd forgotten, and it really made me realize the difference in the more expensive products.
As much as I love my £1 lipsticks from the likes of MUA and makeup revolution, they are of lower quality, though I definitely think they are amazing for the price, you can really feel the difference when you apply the products.
The Rediscovery of this actually quite new purchase made me think that I should make more of an effort to 'shop my stash' as I have a decent collection yet I always seem to reach for the classic Rimmel Kate moss 107, which as much as I find it a godsend, I have about 20+ other lipsticks of different colours and textures.

When was the last time you discovered a new favourite from your own collection?
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