Thursday, 3 September 2015

Beauty: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum.

So hi...

So while in Bath (I know mentioning it again) I done a small amount of shopping which included a new foundation, as much as I loved the urban decay sample I had, it's finally run out after using it for a good couple of weeks. So I was due a new foundation, and not being able to afford the full sized urban decay foundation meant trying out a new high street offering, after looking around Superdrug I picked up 2, Collections foundation ( Which I realized I picked up in the wrong colour, damn it) and the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in Vanille Clair.

The Bourjois Serum has been quite agreeable, it's the right colour for a start, you think at 20 I'd know my own skin tone properly. Anyway, it also is a nice consistence and goes onto my skin smoothly. It doesn't feel too heavy and lasts a relatively long time before my grim oily combination skin starts to poke through.

 I'd seen the healthy mix serum floating around the blogging world for a while and heard nothing but good from it but I'm a poor student and I like to take minimal risks when it comes to purchasing base products, because it's unlikely I'll be able to purchase more for a decent time after, the only reason I bt the bullet this time was the feeling of being on holiday and having a decent amount of birthday money of me meant I felt a little more willing to spend, and boy I'm glad I was, this doesn't feel quite as great and covering as the urban decay offering but it'll be a good in between till I get my hands on that little gem.

Have you made any slightly on impulse beauty purchases recently? 
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