Sunday, 30 August 2015

September Aims,

So hi...

September is gonna be a bit of an odd one, it's the ending of summer for me and when I go back to uni, It's gonna be a quiet start with a super hectic end as I visit Southampton, Bedford and Sheffield and go back to Birmingham to my own flat. It's gonna be a strange one, it's also the start of my second year of uni, but I'll have a post on that close to the time! So my aims for the month of September.

1. Walk regularly & Exercise. This has been something stupidly hard to do the last 2 months, a broken bone is highly limiting, but with the healing process nearly done I'll definitely be easing myself into regular walks and exercise.

2. Get out Often. Kinda linking in with the last aim but on more of a do something other than sit inside angle, just because I've really done enough of that the last 2 months,

3.Get involved in blogger chats on twitter. I got involved in a few a while back but it's so much dedication to remember when all the chats are and keep up with the topics and stuff but I'm going to try and keep up with at least one chat.

4. Enjoy myself. This is a super personal one in that I have missed so many opportunities in life from laziness or just being too worried to do it. And I really regret that I did that to myself. So my twenties I hope will be the year of opportunities and testing my boundaries, a quote that relates to this feeling is 'Adventure starts where your comfort zone ends'

5. Don't sweat the little things. Despite the name of my blog, I really consider the little negative things way too much, I let myself overthink and ruin my happiness. I end up trying too hard to 'have fun' and end up thinking about it too much. So aiming to stop that, don't worry about people's opinions, especially if it would mean you holding back from things that make you happy.

6. Eat Clean and well. I think I'm quite a good eater generally, especially at uni, although I can't help the odd takeaway, but I'm quite well behaved, but at home, I have little control and tend to eat pretty badly, But Before I head back to uni I want to kick start my clean eating again.

7. Explore more often. This is more for the end of the month when I head to Brum but I really want to make a point of exploring my surroundings more, with Birmingham being the second biggest city in Luton I'm sure there's a load of hidden gems and things to explore, and I want to do that.

8. Fake it till you make it. This is a confidence one, I've always been super conscience of my size and body image, when I was younger I was taller and much bigger than the other kids, Although I've grown into my height and size a bit (I'm quite the shorty now) I'm still quite big I feel, But a comment made about some other people made me realize that I'm really not as big as I think I am and A new part of it is my huge lack of confidence in myself, I also really don't know how to properly dress to make the most of my body, but I'm getting there recently, and It's exciting. I'm still on that weight loss grind but not as recklessly as before.

And those are my aims for the month of September! What are your aims for this month?
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