Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Monthly Round up: August.

So hi...

August was a pretty good month for me, The first week saw me get my cast off and instead get a boot which could be removed which was a great relief. this then meant I was itching to get out and about, The week after I was in Bath for 5 days and celebrated my birthday and a friends which was definitely the highlight of the month, As the Birmingham plan fell through. but I had a small gathering for that instead which was chill and nice, the rest of the month was quiet, a few jammy nights and outings and town visits.

I have what should be my last hospital visit for my foot next week and then I'll be in the clear, although I'm sure I'll still need to be relatively careful for the next few weeks and won't be able to go crazy or play football with my Uni for a while, but I'll be happy it's healed. September should be super fun.

How was your august?
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