Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Whole Make-up collection: Nails.

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LAst post of my whole make-up collection series today and it's a biggie! Talking nails today and I have a fair few of nail polishes, because of this I'll be listing the shades from each brand! You may also notice I have a lot of greens blues reds and purples for nails, i don't mean to I don't tend up picking those shades and colours up..
First I'll get the nail remover out the way, just two of these. First is the superdrug's own brand nail polish which I use with cotton pads, nice and simple. Second is for the laziest of the lazy! From primark's beauty range is the very convenient twist pot. It's so easy, out your finger in and twist, you do have to have for finger in there a while but still the easiest option for now.

Anyhow Let's get on with the actual nail polishes now, starting with the brand I own the most of, which unsurprisingly is MUA, £1 nail polish just can't be laughed at, it last about 4-5 days with 2-3 coats and no base or top coat so can probably last at least a week if you went the whole way with base and top coat.
MUA, Left to Right:
Fever Red
Sweet Peach
Lush Lilac
Plum Noir
Pitch Black
Pistachio Ice Cream
Strawberry Crush
Mud Pie
Koala Bear
Moody Mink
All Nude
Bright Coral
Bold Blue
And lastly from MUA is the super strength polish base coat.

The next brand Is PS beauty from Primark, I have a lot of these as they do little mini sets of 4 polishes for £1, that 25p per nail varnish.

Unfornunately the primark polishes don't have shade names of their packaging but I own a blue set of 4 and a red set. I also own two of their single pots which are £1 each, one is a gorgeous sky blue colour and the other is a gorgeous sparkly purply tinted burgundy colour.
 I have one more nail varnish from Primark which came from a nail set with this polish and glitter, I wasn't fond of the glitter though so I like to wear this lilac grey colour on it's own, very minimal and pretty.

Those two are my biggest collection, after these it's just very random polishes I've picked up or gotten as a present.
Miss Sporty.
Miss Sporty also don't have shades on their bottles but I have a clear polishes a perfect green turquoise colour and a very bright bold blue colour.
Next I own three shades from Matalan which I'm pretty sure I got from my mother as she's the only person in my family that shops there! these were in a set as a Christmas present I'm pretty sure, You might be able to guess but they also do not name separate names to their shades. So I have a pretty golden colour, a dark shimmery red and a very strange muddy brown/ nude colour which is pretty nice on the nails.

So now we're on to the singles, I have one from Technics which is a super dark blue colour.
And Lastly is a nail polish from colourworks, which I don't actually know where I've gotten it from, but it's an orangey pink colour.

And so this mini series comes to a end. Did you enjoy seeing all my beauty products?
Let me know in the comments section below!

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