Saturday, 9 May 2015

Primark Haul!

So hi...

I hope you guys enjoy hauls, This is my second ( after the Superdrug beauty haul here) and I have another one planned for a make-up revolution haul as I went a bit crazy on their site the other day. Anyway for now we're talking Primark, I have to say for a stingy student like me primark is just so good. Of course the quality isn't absolutely amazing but the products do last a fair while when treated kindly and they are so so cheap! so probably about 2 weeks ago me and my flatmates had a little wander around and I came out with £40 well spent.

First of all as a basic necessity I picked up some tights, nice and simple. Next I picked up this gorgeous multi-chain necklace! It's actually so pretty, It's like a statement necklace but at the same time it's so simplistic and cute, and i love the little part at the end of the necklace, It's just all round pretty.

After I picked up these cute floral slip on shoes, I'm recently really loving patterned slips on's and unfortunately primark was way too packed and messy for me to properly have a good look around the shoe section but I did get time to grab these in my size and get out of there, they are as expect don't have a super thick sole but they are definitely super comfy and great for when I really can't be bothered but still wanna make some effort to get about the day.

I also picked up a home item in the form of this super summery Duvet set, I seen it a while back on gabs from VelvetGh0st's Instagram and I immediately fell in love with it! I also found out it's reversible, one side is bigger multi coloured pineapples, while the other side is grey coloured smaller pineapples, two looks in one! amazing, It's currently on my bed sheets and it makes me happy.

Next is clothes where I surprisingly only picked up two bits, mainly because I just couldn't deal with being in there too long as it was hectic and I think my friends felt similarly. The first thing I got was this super cosy harry potter print top, which I'll be mentioning tomorrow so I won't talk any more about that!

The other thing I got was quite a risky purchase but it was only £5 so I didn't feel it would be much of a lost if I didn't like it.
It's this white playsuit with a pretty neon coloured Aztec print and I thought this would be great for the middle of summer on a super hot day when I'm out and about with a nice jacket and some cool sandals ( which is on my list to buy! )

And those were all my purchases from Primark recently! Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dying for anther cheap shopping spree, especially with my uni year nearing an end, I think I might treat myself!

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