Sunday, 10 May 2015

Potter Love!

So hi..

Now this is a little bit of an odd post but I realized I bought these two items within a relatively short amount of time, to the point where I was wearing the top at the time the choker arrived and put them on together to realize that I looked like the biggest Harry potter fan!

 So I first picked up the top from Primark, I think it was only around £6 but I loved the faded burgundy colour and the simple print, Feels like it shows I like harry potter but I still like to look good and not obsessed! It's a super comfy material as well so it's just nice to feel cosy but look pretty good.

 The Choker I ordered online from Ebay, I was just looking for chokers in general and thought this was an awesome looking one, I actually ordered this before the top, and forgotten about it as it took a few weeks to arrive because it was shipped from Hong Kong, it arrived conveniently the day after the Primark visit where I decided to wear my potter top. I was so excited with how good the choker looked that I wore them together and realised how much of a fan I looked like. I don't mind though. I mean it is Harry potter.

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Much love guys!

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