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My Freshers Week Guide.

So hi...

Now that I'm starting my third week of Uni and freshers seems way too far away ( take me back please) I thought I would give you all a little 'Freshers week Guide' Based off my experiences and observations of the week!

1. Make Friends- Freshers week is THE week to be sociable, Most people are just as nervous as you probably feel and in most situations are sitting in the same boat as you in moving away  from home. Freshers week, everyone is chilling to chat ( well 99% of people anyway) so make the most of it! get to know people, Be friendly, You don't have to make your lifelong friends there and then but you give a much better impressions if you're willing to talk to people, even if ( like myself ) you quite like your own company, fresher weeks is the week to be chatty and go out.

2. Allow yourself Wind down 'me' time- Despite my first point it's still a good idea to allow yourself some time to just relax and think. Uni is a big life change for most people and it doesn't hurt to give yourself time to process that, get used to your new room if your in accommodation. Common advice given is to leave your door open to be inviting but it's fine if sometimes, you don't want to invite anyone in, everyone needs time to just relax.

3. Know your plans- This will save you SO much hassle and stress. You should plan what you doing during freshers, if your uni has wristbands for events like mine did then you may just choose to by that, then you can look up where the places are and arrange travel. me and my flat were really lucky to meet a brilliant taxi driver the first night who now is like our personal taxi driver, but not everyone is so lucky and you could get ripped off, so know your stuff.

4.Outfits.- It will save you a lot of hair pulling and stressing out to know what sort of outfits you could wear to events, if there's any themed parties, have a basic idea of what clothes you could put together to make an appropriate outfit, I had so many issues with what to wear during freshers and seriously realised how little I have in terms of 'going out' outfits, tragic.

5.You will want proper food.- IF you like to cook like me you will quickly find out that you won't really fancy takeaways everyday or frozen pizzas. I purposely didn't pick up any fresh food like fruit veg or meat as I thought there would surely be no time for me to cook and that I wouldn't fancy it, but my god I have never appreciated things like onions, mushrooms and peppers more. Now if you're not much of a cooker then I'm sure ready meals will do you fine but you're body will thank you for healthy food options to balance out all the alcohol!

6. Naps will probably become apart of your schedule. - I'm not TOO much of a napper, but since starting uni it's become more and more appealing. Especially during freshers where I was out till 4am then up for 2-3 hours at 9am, once I got back to the flat in the afternoons I napped, then got ready for the next night, it's just something you need to keep awake and get your necessary hours of sleep in.

7. Keep a checklist of important things- You do not want to lose things while out, No one does, but during freshers and especially with the influence of alcohol it's easy enough to forget about checking you have everything or leaving your phone by the sink in the club toilet (seen it a lot) So write a checklist of your important belongings before drinking or going out to keep in your bag so you can remember to check when you see the note, Losing Your I.d midweek of freshers and not being able to go out anymore wouldn't be fun now would it?

8. Last but not least, with all the serious stuff out the way HAVE FUN. It's true that uni is a big experience to have, it's not the most important thing and you don't have to go uni, But if you do choose to go the uni route, Enjoy it. Freshers week is the learning calm before the academic storm. Use it to really enjoy yourself and let your hair down a bit before getting down and serious with lectures, assessments and Uni work, You won't regret it!

Are any of you 'Freshers' This year? what would your top tips be?

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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