Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Winter/Autumn Wishlist

So hi..

Winter/ Autumn brings out a bigger interest in colour for me, I embrace the compliments of wearing bright reds and become once again obsessed with tartan. Although I love shorts and dresses are pretty cool, I quite prefer the fashion trends and opportunities that comes with the colder months, Also Autumn is a pretty cosy month that I enjoy. Not to be confused with winter where it just gets a little colder than I'd like. Anyway heres a load of prety thing I wish I owned for the up coming months.

Winter/ Autumn Wishlist

AX Paris midi dress
$71 - nelly.de

Red sweater dress

Loose fit top

H M black moto jacket
$56 - hm.com

Tweed coat

Black combat boots

River Island pink satchel purse
$48 - riverisland.com

Red shawl
$21 - ginatricot.com

Beanie hat

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup

Opi makeup
$19 - thehut.com

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