Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Monthly Round up: September

So hi.

selfie before the last supper// Last supper photo// fluffy wrapped up// packing problems// uni selfie
First night Hannah and Becki// Pranks flat 3s door// my flats door// BCU bar crawl//drunks photos
present to flat 3 boys//our flats drink//made an effort selfie// favourite group photo// the three musketeers

September was quite an active month for me. The first week or so seemed to go really slow but then it was busy busy busy, in between trying to sort out uni forms etc etc, me and my friends tried to make the most of our last month together and went for a meal as well as a few nights out and lots of chilled drives. It was really lovely actually and makes me miss them all the more now we're so spread out. Then the 20th was moving day and it was hectic. The last week of September was freshers and it was a brilliant week. I have lovely flatmate and it's all good, but I rambled about that in a different post...
I'm looking forward to what October will bring, with my course and Lectures properly starting this week I'm sure October will be a month of reading, and then of course there is Halloween. My flat has already decided our flat's Halloween theme.

But September was an exciting month of big changes and appreciating the little things.
How was your September?

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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