Monday, 25 August 2014

The Wardrobe Clearout.

So hi..

when it comes to my wardrobe I'm lucky enough to have a built in wardrobe, but it is also the same wardrobe I've had since I was about 10, this means it was an absolute state as stuff was chucked in there and had bits and bobs in the back from years ago, so a week or so ago I decided it seriously needed a good clear out. I started off by taking out all the clothes in the wardrobe and separating them in to 4 piles, Dresses, Bottoms, Shirts and general tops. This is the outcome on my bed.

You never realize how many clothes you have until they are laid out like this, and I still have my drawers...(Don't worry a lot was chucked)
And my wardrobe looked like this..
As you can see I have a christening dress and other bits on the side that belong to my sister but my wardrobe is the biggest so I have to look after it for her, and then my scarfs on the side. Before actually organizing my clothes I decided to sort my shoes out which sit at the bottom of the wardrobe, this included trying all of them on and deciding if there's any I don't like or really don't wear.
  The reject pile was thrown aside and the victors rearranged back on my shoe rack.
Look at that. looking all neat and stuff. Then began the VERY long and slow process of trying on all of my clothes, chucking a load of them away and refilling my wardrobe, I also was able to organize my wardrobe better as before all my clothes were randomly there with no real system. First I started with Dresses, then shirts, bottoms and then the biggest pile, the general tops.
And bam, a much cleaner neater wardrobe with a system. I decided to organise it From left to right as Cardigans, Jumpers, Light tops, tshirts, bottoms, Shirts, dresses and then winter type clothes that I won't be wearing for a few weeks yet. Although with the chilly wind that's been around it may be sooner than I had hoped.

Have you had a major clothes clearout recently?
How do you organize your wardrobe and storage?

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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