Friday, 22 August 2014

The A-Level Results. And going Uni.

So Hi.

I'm about a week late in writing this post but due to my birthday, which was the day after results day I have been super busy and today is the first break I've had to really sit down and collect my thoughts.
So results day was good. Wednesday night was a little girls night at mine with films and pizza and a late night drive which was nice but despite how late we went to bed... I was up and filled with nervous at 7am. I had originally planned to wait till I went into college but with the results put up online at 6.30am  I couldn't wait, while my friends were asleep I checked my results and quietly squealed with happiness at the fact I passed. I didn't do as well as hoped, I got BBD, which was exactly what I needed to get into uni, But I had hoped to do better, especially with that D grade, But with taking 9 exams in a short period of time I'm just glad I haven't failed anything.

And so in under a month I am off to uni, my chosen University being Birmingham City Uni, Studying Psychology and Criminology, I've been given my accommodation and have been trying to find my flatmates through different Birmingham city groups on facebook and such, I have found my neighbors and a few individuals on my course but I have yet to find my flatmates, boo.
Along with the passing of my A-levels and acceptance of my first uni choice, begins a different project I want to do, Once I begin uni I plan to vlog it, all of it the good, potentially bad, and down right funny. This is an idea I've had for a good couple of months now and I'm looking forward to starting it. I hope some of you may enjoy my awkward vlogs and be interested in the uni happenings of a normal young adult.

So that's that, I didn't fail and I have not much to do but wait until freshers week, my uni bits are already bought and I definitely have a place to live, It's the start of a completely new chapter of my life and I hope you enjoy reading it as I write it.

have an updated selfie of my silly face pulling.


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