Friday, 29 August 2014

The Bird And the Bush.

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On Sunday evening me and Ross decided to head to the pub local from his for a lunch/dinner meal, we had planned to go to town for breakfast but we did not wake up in time, opps.
If was a happy mistake if I'm honest. I was so pleasantly shocked with the Food served at The Bird and the Bush.

It is quite a cosy looking pub, very old fashioned and classic pub feel, mismatched chairs, weird patterned floors, one slot machine in the corner, it had a nice friendly atmosphere. We went up to the bar and ordered drinks, I went for mixed fruits koppaburg and Ross had a typical Strongbow. I'd just like to point out they had special glasses for the koppaburg, I've never see this, usually beer glasses are all you see but look.
I was already quite impressed, then came to ordering food, Ross went for their homemade burger with cheese, bacon and salad served with chips and salad and ordered a side of onion rings while I went for a rack of BBQ ribs with a side salad and chips. Now when we ordered we expected a normal portion side both our meals were around £10-11 mark and previous places we had eaten at didn't offer the best portions. This place however, boy oh boy, the portions were huge, the onion rings were bigger than my hand and the chips looked like four of them made up one potato, we and Ross were gobsmacked and the waitress chuckled saying 'You clearly haven't eaten here before' Everything looked divine. I must admit I partially wished I had ordered the burger, I'm such a burger girl and it looked so so tasty, My ribs also looked heavenly though glistening in sweet rich bbq sauce.
 these photos were taken on my phone, so do forgive the awkward sizes and quality of them. just look at the size of those onion rings. The good thing was that not only was the portions huge and did the food look good, but it tasted amazing as well. I was highly amused as Ross tried to fit the monster of a burger in his mouth and we both happily wolfed down our meals, though I did struggle towards the end.

 As you can see, empty plates and very full stomaches, after this we slowly strolled home very content. I was so surprised how good this meal was and I honestly can't wait to go back before I move to Birmingham to try that burger myself, They also do nachoes as a starter and I can only imagine how good they must be. Excuse me while I stop myself drooling. If you are ever in luton I'd thoroughly recommend this place, It's The Bird and the bush, in bushmead, luton. yum yum

Anywhere you've eaten recently that just beat all expectations?

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