Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Setting Goals: April

So Hi...

At the beginning of the year everyone went about posting and talking about their goals for the year, some throwing the very cliche 'new year, new me' phrase. I personally didn't do this because a new year is only the flow of time and It's a rare thing for people to suddenly change just because they now wrote 2014 in their notebooks. However I do quite like the idea of smaller goals, monthly lists of what people would like to achieve. It helps give people a sense of direction, Which quite frankly i am in need of! 
I just had an operation to have my tonsils removed and they had been causing me problems since September but more recently they were being a pain and i found myself in a slump, which honestly I'm still in, this last week I've spent recovering and I find myself feeling a bit lacking. Overall I felt I could have used this week a lot better despite the pain, I thought that as it's just turned April, setting small goals for myself would be one way to motivate and stop myself getting lazy and feeling a little down.

I decided I'll blog about my monthly goals and if they succeeded and a way to document them and remind myself that I should do these things.
So Aprils goals.

1. Read more: One chapter a night at least is my aim. I used to read books so quickly and so often, but now I find myself lost in social media and the internet that i don't set time to read! So this is my aim.

2. Complete work on time: Now I was very good at this in the beginning of the college term but as i missed lessons due to my tonsils i just kinda stopped, I'm always up to date with the work but i just haven't been putting in the extra effort, and with exams round the corner I can't afford to risk my grades now!

3. Relax: I always find myself stressing over every little thing, and I have a lot of trust issues as well as dealing with a few mental health issues. All this leads me to panic over things that i really don't need to. If there is something bothering you that can't be changed why stress. Some thing i could be angry over this week i'll forget by next, so what did it really matter? this is the problem i have and i just need to be a little more laid back, some things are out of my control!

4: Eat healthy: I've been having a few body issues the last few months and stupidly deciding eating nearly nothing would be a great way to fix it. I obviously know this is not a smart or  healthy thing to do and don't suggest anyone do it but  i panicked and made a stupid decision. Rather than that I want to make the effort to eat healthier, treat myself every now and then but just be aware of what i'm eating and if it's good for my or not.

5. Get out there: Feeling ill all the time as well as being someone with no finances has meant my social life has all but vanished, with some friends wondering if I'm even alive still. I would like to make the effort to get out more, see friends and just have some fun, not everything requires money and I'll save for the things that do, my friends have been there a long time and i don't want to lose them now.

Those are it this month. Really it's all about picking myself up and just living life a little more, I'm not going to be this young ever again and i would like to look back on my experiences fondly!

Do you have any goals set for April

What's your everyday make-up?
We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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