Sunday, 15 September 2013

D.I.Y Ideas #1: Galaxy Themed Shoes!

So Hi...

You may not know but I like to think generally I am quite a creative person! I enjoy painting, drawing, singing, making thing etc. It makes me feel so accomplished and proud of myself, So I thought I would blog about my bursts of creativity! This is one of my older creations from about a month or so ago...

Galaxy Themed shoes!

 I'm really happy with how these turned out but since I painted these before having the idea to blog about them I can't show you the stages between making them but I shall show you what I've used!
I had this pair of pain white shoes for a while that I had intended on painting but I was unsure on what I had wanted to paint on them... But I then started to see a lot of Galaxy-themed prints on different clothing most commonly leggings  and I thought the prints looked quite nice so decided that's what I'd try.
One picture I looked at, Did NOT attempt the more complex look this has though.
I got some pictures up from google for inspiration and used my own imagination to decide what I wanted them to look like.
 I used acrylic paints mostly but had to also use water colour paints to create the lighter purple colours.

I started with the darker circles of colour, dark blues and purples and worked my way out from there, slowly building up layers and eventually connecting the patches of colours together, I then used a small amount of white in order to create the look of 'stars', and to make it seem more galaxy like in the lighter purple areas I created a 'cluster' of stars!
Overall I was very proud of my first attempt to decorate my own shoes though I would do things a little differently if I do them again, which I might decide to do as I have bought another plain white pair of shoes to paint over however I may try to paint a different pattern, such as a pac-man theme or even a music theme such as maybe an album artwork, just to practice and try out different things! plus I think it would require more precision which I would be interested to try!

I'll definitely make a post about what I decide to do and will be sure to try and take more photos of the stages I go through to paint the shoes to give you a better idea of how I do it!

Well Talk soon lovelies...
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Much Love guys!

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