Monday, 29 April 2013

Sunday BBQ In the British Weather!

So hi...
I'm sorry for the lack of blog posts i've just been very busy and have not really had much time to write a post but I thought I'd write a small one now about my bbq that I had on sunday!
It was very diy sadly  as I had disposable BBQs and matresses to relax but it was a very good day! i had about 7-8 good friends over and we had plenty of burger sausages chicken and snacks! and we also had a cheeky bit of alcohol!! ;)
It was not as sunny as I would have liked but none the less it was a lovely day! around 7 they all raided into my look as it had started ro rain but this meant I got a lot of very silly pictures!
My hair mousse also got found and everyone hair got 'Re-styled' I managed to avoid that while looking after the laptop!
But yes overall I had a lovely evening and a great laugh! Some people got a little drunk which they regreted this morning due to exams but it was all good fun!!
Today has also been a good day as I visited the shop after college and treated myself to ice-cream and snacks!!

I'll leave you with a few photos of the day/night and I hope to go back to regular post of at least once a week!!

As Always!
Well Talk soon lovelies! 
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Much Love guys!

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