Monday, 8 April 2013

Cooking! Strawberrys And Slutty brownies

So hi...
I finally got some baking done! although a did it a few days  ago but have only just had time to write now! so sorry guys! :')
But yes as the title suggests I made slutty brownies! I got dad to buy me lots of different ingredients to make different goodies so I will be able to bake some more soon!
I also Melted my LAST easter egg and dipped strawberries in it and then put them in the fridge to cool. Trust me it is the most amazing thing!
one of my favourite treats is strawberrys dipped in chocolate then cooled in the fridge.

Then the start of the slutty brownies!
For some reason the photo wouldn't rotate! sorry about that but this was most of my ingredients....
I forgot to take a picture of the cookie dough on it's own but I made that and added a little more water because it was to be cooked longer than said on the packet...
I then layered it acroos my baking tray, that I had put baking paper in so that I would be able to easier remove the treat later!.
I had also picked up a smaller packet of cookie dough by mistake so it was a very thin bottom layer!
Next I crushed up one pack of Oreos and a few rich tea biscuits and spread them out over the cookie dough, I also poured over it the rest of the melted chocolate from the strawberries just to add a little extra!
Then onto making the brownie dough!
After making the mixture I poured it all over the cookie dough and crushed oreos and made sure it was evenly spread!
And after that it's into the oven for about 25 minutes!
And bam! This was my end result, I cut them into uite small pieces and they were quickly eaten by my best mate Ross and my family!

A little view from the side... I really enjoyed making this and I definitely will be doing some more blog posts on my other little cooking adventures!
I will be doing some more videos over this week! look forward to them!!
Well Talk soon lovelies! 
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Much Love guys!

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