Thursday, 7 March 2013

My Different make up styles!

So Hi...
Okay I wanted to make a blog post but I do not have the engery to take pictures of my make-up products and face to do a tutorial type thing or product reviews but I thought instead I shall just show the different sorts of make-up looks I go for and that sort of thing!

So firstly without doing anything with my hair and with no make-up I look like...
I have naturally waves thick and somtimes even curly hair, which as much as I love it is such a pain in terms of styling and controlling!!

I usually have the same foundation routine with my make-up, the only vairations tend to be how much a put on and if I blend my liquid and powder foundations together, when I'm feeling lazy I'll only put on my liquid foundation. I often also wear lipstick with my male-up as I completely love lipsticks despite many so few of them! but my collection will slowly grow quite a bit this year I'm hoping!
Usual look: (red lips)
With my eyes I often have a winged look as I love it and it is quite simple to do, I do this with a liquid liner however i do want to try out gel eye liner soon!
I'm wearing my favourite lipstick here! It's a dark purpley plum colour and it's called poison and i just love it! although it doesn't have the nicest smell it is pretty long lasting and has brilliant colour!

Another sort of look I have is when I'm lazy and so on I won't both with the winged eye look and will have eye liner on the bottom lids and use lots of mascara on the lashes, I find this to look just as nice as the winged look despite bring quite straight-forward.
I am also more likely to either not wear anything on my lips with this look, or have a light pink lipstick or gloss.

Lastly this was a look I created through pure boredom, although it is hard to see from the picture it's a dramatic black and dark browny red!

Those are really the main looks I go for when venturing outside my home. I will surely be more creative and have many more looks to show as my collection of make-up and stuff inceasing
So yeah they are my casual or general looks!
Well Talk soon lovelies!
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Much Love guys!


  1. I love your eye makeup in this :) xxx

    1. aha thank you :) can I ask which one you're talking about?

  2. I love the winged eye and red lip combo. gorgeous. check my blog out too, its Followed :) x

  3. Beautiful looks!!! would you like to follow each other?
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥