Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Wishlist: Games I want

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A super different post than usual but I have a really big sweet spot for gaming and there are more and more games that I've been adding on my never ending to get list. Games are hella expensive so I only tend to get them for birthdays and Christmas, or if I can afford it myself I'll get it. So here's my list of games I'm dying to get my hands on.

Bloodborne: Made by the guys who made the dark souls games I was so excited when this game out, It's a whole other world of lore and interest for me and has similar concepts making it easy to pick up if you've played the dark soul games, the difficulty is still ridiculously high though.

Witcher 3: I got to play witcher 2 thanks to games for gold and I loved it, another game full of lore and back ground and now I'm really looking forward to continuing the story in the third one.

Dark Souls 3: This hasn't come out yet but I'm sure I wouldn't be able to afford it anyway, that doesn't stop me being super excited for it though.

Mad Max: A super open world and with a load of collectibles I feel I'll be playing this for hours on end.

Gauntlet: Baulders Gate: This is a super old Pc game I used to play all the time but I've since lost the cd and I can't wait to rebuy it and play it again.

Cod: Ghosts and Advanced warfare: Although there's another cod on the way I'm still a little behind with Black ops 2. I really want to start playing these again as I really do love them.

Metal Gear Solid Collection: I haven't actually played any of the metal gear games fully but I would quite like to buy and play them all, It's another super interesting story with loads of background knowledge type of game.

Shadow Of Modor: I got so excited when I heard and seen this game, I've watched people play a small amount of it and It just so much justice in the story and art. SO good.

Tomb Raider: This one has been out a while and I've been able to play quite a bit round friends but I'd still like to have it and complete it for myself.

Far cry 4: I got to buy Far cry 3 on my Laptop and have loved playing it, and having seen a little of it's game play from youtubers and friends it looks just as interesting and full of collectibles.

Assassins Creed: Unity: I've always been a huge fan of the Assassins creed games and although I feel they lost their way story wise after Desmond  I still can't help but want to play it and the game play is still great and the story although doesn't feel connected is still great.

Destiny: Man oh man, this game just looks so cool, I think it'd just play this forever, I get addicted to these sorts of games where I can keep leveling up and improving. and I love the multiplayer world aspects.

Titanfall: Although this game seemed to die in the hype very quickly I really enjoyed the game when it came out, and I'd love to play it properly and really get into it.

Dead Rising 3: One of my favourite Zombie games next to left for dead and DayZ. There's just so much to do and see in these games and there are plenty of things to collect and search for outside of the main storyline.

And those are the games I'm dying to play and own at the moment, Though the gaming industry has been at the top of it's 'game' (wink wink) in terms of its releases so I'm sure this list will only continue to grow.

Are you a gamer at all? Got you sights set on anything?
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