Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Autumn Wishlist

So hi...

Opps. Had a Few days off again, but you know life happens and people have reminded me that it's okay not to get stuck up on schedules and enjoy life as it comes. I've also decided to go daily most months, though a few days off each month is likely. Anyhow! it's so cold now, so I thought it appropriate to start thinking of my autumn and winter clothes shopping, these are a few bits I'm loving the look off, especially the gorgeous burgundy coloured boots, ooft. I've already spotted a few bits in Primark Home  I want to warm up my room as well as warm myself up. I definitely think the I don't like morning people would be worn many a uni morning lecture.

Autumn Wishlist

Fleece pullover
£12 -

Vero Moda coat

White coat

New Look jump suit

Autumn Essentials

Black boots

Heel boots

Beanie hat
£4.88 -

Beanie hat
£6.48 -

Home decor

M Co gray throw pillow

What are you feeling and wanting for this cold autumn?
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Much love guys!

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